About us

Jay was raised in Northern Nevada ranching.  Managing the land and the animals on it was part of everyday life.  After chasing his rodeo dreams he felt a calling to be back to his roots being in the outdoors.  He started BCA in 2006 and strives to bring a better portrait of what this lifestyle is really about.  Hunting over 30 species across the globe Jay tries to help viewers have an amazing experience.  This small town ranch kid believes in helping others get out here.

Tony has helped bring Taco Casa to the outdoor enthusiast who love to have a crunchy taco.  He has a passion for whitetail hunting and loves the outdoor experience.  Whether he is on a mountain bike, snowboard or hiking the mountains Tony lives to be outside.  Each season he has hutnid around the country with Jay creating memories for a lifetime.

The beauty of the crew, but don’t let her looks take away from her outdoor skills.  Crystal was raised off grid in remote parts of the country learning to live off the land.  She went after her passion of photography in Missoula Montana.She has been published in magazines and print ads but filming wildlife has brought her to BCA.  She ads the amazing imagery that makes the show what it is today.