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Blue Collar Adventures follows Jay Presti and friends as they visit some of the most beautiful locations on the planet, while chasing that ever elusive next trophy. While the destinations and game are what drive us, veteran hunter Jay Presti realized it was as much about the adventure in getting there and the people he met along that journey that made the experience so enriching.

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Monday 9:30am central

Thursday 8:30pm central

Friday 10:00 am central


Texas Tuesday 2:30pm central

Carolina Wednesday 6:00pm central

Jay & Rocko glassing for bear in Montana.

Tony & Jay using their Vortex in Nevada.

The new Huskemaw advantage for Long Range.

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  • Saturday July 5th- Africa Safari pt.1
  • Saturday July 12th- Africa Safari pt.2
  • Saturday July 19th- Surviving Canada
  • Saturday July 26th- Autumn Antlers
  • Dan Bliss Hunt At The Harbin
  • Mountain Lion
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Photos by Crystal Gibson