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Blue Collar Adventures follows Jay Presti and friends as they visit some of the most beautiful locations on the planet, while chasing that ever elusive next trophy. While the destinations and game are what drive us, veteran hunter Jay Presti realized it was as much about the adventure in getting there and the people he met along that journey that made the experience so enriching.

Do you know your numbers?

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We all want to stay in the game.  Whether we are on the mountain or just in life.  When I started to notice a few symptoms of Low T,  I went and had my numbers checked.  The treatment is so much more than just testosterone, it gets you in tune with your body and health.  We wanted to help others stay at the top of their game so the decision was made to get info out to our viewers.

     In the coming year I will share my journey to find better health.  It all starts with understanding my symptoms and getting my numbers.  From there, one of their licensed medical professionals will work with me to develop a plan specifically for me and my health and lifestyle.  I’m excited for my viewers to walk this journey with me and hope that it provides some benefit to you in your own health journey. 

Want more info?

Want more info?

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