Jay Presti- Host


Home State: Nevada

Jay was raised in Northern Nevada where he learned the gift of the outdoors.  He grew up ranching which lead him o Txas on a rodeo scholarship where he continued in  Pro Rodeo.  Choosing video production he soon saw the opportunity to promote the outdoor lifestyle with his background and production skills.

Helping others

Presti has been involved in many charitable organizations.  Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs,Hunt for the future, Georgia orphan hunt, and others are a big reason he continues to use his show to promote these great programs.


With over 120 episodes its a natural that his hunting experience is vast.  Traveling the world for the best destinations and using what he thinks are the best tools.  The "Blue Collar" mentality is work hard and use what you have to the best you can.


Jay has given 8 dream hunts away over the past 10 years.  Lucky fans win a hunt of a lifetime which is such a joy for Presti to give these away.

Crystal Gibson-Host


Home State: Idaho

Crystal grew up in the back country of Idaho where hunting was a part of survival.  She and her family lived off-grid where she fell in Love with the outdoors.

Passion for Photography

Working on ranches Crystal saved enough money to attend Wildlife Photography school in Montana.  She is know one of the most recognized talents in her field.  She also studied with world renown photographer David Stoecklien in the western world.

Real Hunts

Crystal has been able to hunt the rocky mountain bighorn sheep in which she was successful on her own. She has hunted Montana and Idaho with great success.  She now is a major part of BCA in Texas where she has traveled the word hunting and filming.